Welcome to Nelson Firestopping. We provide a critical piece of your building’s fire protection plan - the containment of smoke and fumes. Without containment, toxic fumes from a fire will continue to fill the building through penetrations in walls, floors and floor/ceiling assemblies putting lives and property at risk.

Firestopping is a passive containment system that prevents the spread of noxious gases from room to room by effectively dividing a building into separate fire-resisting compartments. Just as a submarine’s water-tight door system keeps sea water from filling all compartments, a firestopping system keeps airborne toxins from filling the entire building. This buys critical evacuation time for building inhabitants and reduces property loss from smoke damage.

Firestopping has played such a key role in saving lives and property, that it is now required by all model building codes1, and is mandated for public safety and property loss management.

Our team of experts will work with you to design solutions that help protect your structure from unnecessary life and property loss. With over 15 years of firestop experience, Nelson is a leader in firestop systems.

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